Justin Trudeau To Be First Canadian PM To March In Gay Pride Parade

February 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau was elected Canada’s Prime Minister to manage our country, spark economic growth and to represent us on the world stage – oh, and to legalize weed.

He’s so far managed to take a surplus budget given to him by his conservative predecessor and, through the magic of liberal-policies, output a $30 billion deficit. Moreover, he’s managed to single-handedly get Canada un-invited to important meetings with world leaders. And, it’s still not legal to get so high that you’d think he was doing a good job.

Nonetheless, what really matters to Trudeau – the progressive agenda – marches on, as Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade organizers have just announced that Justin Trudeau will be the first prime minister to participate in the festivities and flamboyances of the parade.

Why? Because Canada institutionally discriminates against gays, and routinely executes them in public. Oh wait, no – that’s ISIS the terrorist organization that Trudeau unilaterally stopped us from bombing, and Iran, the nation Trudeau lifted economic sanctions on. We’re actually the country that’s – for better, or for worse – had nation-wide legal gay marriage for more than a decade.

Here are three reasons why the leader of our country should not be attending a gay pride parade.

Pride parades, including Toronto’s, are vulgar. Really vulgar.

Pride has nothing to do with advancing civil rights for a marginalized group. Firstly, because gays in Canada are not marginalized, nor do they lack any civil rights. Moreover, pride is a mass glorification of highly immoral behaviour. Everything from naked men flaunting their junk in the air, to more naked men performing mock sex-acts is on public display at this vaunted venue. Effectively, it’s a live porno shoot. By no measure, should such behaviour be endorsed, let alone have the participation of a nation’s head of state. This, in many respects legitimizes behaviour that truly ought to be stigmatized for the moral and physical damage it causes to individuals.

It’s divisive, and offensive to Christians

For a Prime Minister who strongly felt the need to lecture us on “Canadian values” when the majority of Canadians felt uneasy about importing tens of thousands of Muslim Syrian refugees from terrorist hotspots, Justin Trudeau seems awfully eager to dive headfirst into an event that promotes values not held by many Canadians. Two-thirds of Canadians self-identify as Christian. Trudeau’s participation in this glaring glorification of promiscuity and sexual indulgence is highly contradictory to the notion that he somehow cares about our values.

Why do we need “pride” at all?

As I mentioned earlier, Canada has had nation-wide, legal gay marriage since 2005. Gays are equal in every way under the Canadian Charter. If the argument is that a gay pride parade is necessary to overthrow and combat some innate bigotry, we can dispel that notion with basic statistics.

In Canada, there are approximately 597,720 individuals who identify as homosexual ~ 1.7% of the population. In 2013, there were 186 hate crimes against homosexuals in Canada. That means, as a Canadian homosexual, you have a 0.03% chance of being a victim of a hate crime.

As a comparison, there are 309,650 Jews in Canada ~ 1.1% of the population. In 2013, there were181 hate crimes against Jews, in Canada. As a Jew, you have a 0.0548% chance of being a victim of a hate crime in Canada.

Thus, as a Canadian Jew, you are 82.67% more likely to be targeted by hate crimes than as a Canadian homosexual. Does this mean we need a Jewish Pride Parade? No, it just underscores the fact that Canada is an open, tolerant and accepting society.