From a new California based start-up: Swapaloop, comes an eponymous app that seeks to revolutionize how we exchange goods and services.

While money exists as a store of value, a way to quantify the value specific goods and services yield in the market, it places certain limitations on how we can buy and sell those goods and services. Say you’re a photographer with an erudite eye for the trait; you need a web designer to help build your website. You could wait until you find a customer to pay you for your photography skills, and then use that money to hire the web designer, or alternatively come to a mutual agreement with the web designer directly to exchange your respective skills. This is where Swapaloop comes in.

Anyone can download the Swapaloop app to their phone, and immediately post the good and/or service they are looking to either acquire or sell, in addition to what they’re offering in return. Whether it’s web design, an iPod, a computer, or even legal services, you can find it all on Swapaloop. Simply post what you need, and someone with similar exigencies will find you.

Opening the app, you are greeted with the homepage. Here you can browse all the ads in your local area.

Searching for specific items brings up two main branches: products and services. Under products you can find a slew of subcategories including antiques, and musical instruments.

Refining your search shows you products from only the requested subcategory. A clean, neat layout ensures nothing is obfuscated, and the listings are visibly displayed.

Switching over to Services, similarly displays the top categories for services being offered in your area. You can find anything from cooking, to web designers.

Posting your own ads requires first creating an account. It’s as simple as signing in with your Facebook account, or providing an email address.

Swapaloop can be found on the Google Play store for Android, and the Apple app store for iOS.

All of us have more to offer than mere money — which ultimately, is only backed by the government. Swapaloop lets you market yourself; your own skills and abilities, which, in contrast to the dollar, isn’t subject to the musings of the Federal Reserve; it’s backed by you.