Toronto Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Allah Give Me Strength Not to Kill White Folks

April 7, 2016

The co-founder of Toronto’s Black Lives Matter movement is in hot water after her recent tweet asking Allah for strength to restrain her will to murder “white folks” was discovered.

Yusra Khogali is the co-founder of Toronto’s Black Lives Matter movement, a far-left, radical organization of like-minded individuals who revel in professional victimhood and frame blacks as an oppressed proletariat combating under the heel of systemic white supremacy perpetrated by law enforcement.

This isn’t the only time the Black Lives Matters co-founder has engaged in violent rhetoric. Last week, in what left-wing outpost, Toronto Star, euphemistically dubbed “hyperbolic rhetoric”, Khogali made open threats against Toronto police.

“If you think this is the end, you are irresponsible. It is irresponsible for you to feel safe. Do you hear me police? Do you hear me police? It is irresponsible for you to feel safe. If we are not safe, you are not safe,” she said.

The Black Lives Matter agitators had been protesting outside Toronto police headquarters for 2 weeks following a decision not to charge a police officer in the deadly shooting of Andrew Loku – a mentally disabled 45-year-old black man who was shot after threatening police officers with a hammer.

As reported by CIJ News editor, Jonathan D. Halevi, Khogali is no stranger to controversy. Back in July of 2015, she had a rather lengthy Facebook post in which she stated that “black people are living in a state of emergency”, adding that blacks are living in a constant fear and threat of being physically exterminating for “existing in black skin”.  According to social justice activist, Toronto City Police are a “terrorist organization”.

Continuing to undermine her own cause, master wordsmith, Khogali, referred to Canada as “KKKanada” – explaining that “the very premise of this state is inherent racism – and the state sanctioned violence that systematically targets black people for existing in their black skin”. This was accompanied with the hashtag #AliveWhileBlack

Evidently, none of this behavior deterred the province’s Liberal Premier from openly meeting with Khogali and her cohort of professional victims amid their racially charged protest.

“I am here because I think this is such an important issue. And in my heart I believe that we all need to work together to make sure we get this right. I want you – the reason I’m out here is I want you – to understand that. And so I am absolutely willing for us to have meetings – my ministers want to meet with you”

The Premier was then interrupted by Khogali herself, who interjected, “Why did it take 2 weeks for you to respond to us? For 2 weeks we have been brutalized by police officers in the rain, in the cold” further perpetrating her group’s anti-cop narrative; none of which has any basis in reality.

Failing to correct Khogali’s blatant smear of Toronto’s law enforcement, the leftist Premiere pressed on, entertaining her narrative and actually apologizing for not having done so earlier.

“I can’t speak to the timeline, I apologize if we haven’t responded as quickly as you would have liked. But here I am saying I am willing to meet with you. We’re going to need your help we are undertaking a review of the SIU we are reviewing all the police oversight bodies we need your help in doing that. You are on the front line. You understand these issues. We need your help in those reviews. We’re going to need to have some private meetings ahead of time but we are willing to have public meetings. I really wanted to come and say that to you – all of these ministers, all have a role to play in getting this right. “

According to latest reports from the CBC, the Toronto Black Lives Matter co-founder is yet to comment on her latest in what is demonstrably a long chain of mendacious, racist tirades on social media.