Back in the USSR. You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are, Boy

February 9, 2017

On Saturday, left-wing protesters abruptly shut down a University of Toronto (UofT) lecture hosted by Generation Screwed and Students in Support of Free Speech. After screaming “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA”, the liberal activists proceeded to pull the university fire alarm, forcing everyone out of the building.

The panel had several speakers, including Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant and University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson – who rose to infamy in 2016 after sparking liberal hysteria, suggesting that there are fewer genders than Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors. The topic of discussion was fiscal responsibility and free speech – it was also held in Canada, raising the question why on Earth the protesters would chant “Trump” or “USA”.

This deliberate disruption by the social justice cabal comes less than a week after college campus liberals in the United States tried shutting down Rebel Media commentator Gavin McInnes in New York University. Gavin was dismayed to discover that “tolerance” apparently comes packaged as pepper-spray, as he was full-on assaulted by the “protesters”.

Adding insult to injury, a woman claiming to be an NYU professor began berating police officers ASKING THEM TO ASSAULT Gavin McInnes. Remember when the left suggested police brutality was a bad thing?

The NYU speech debacle was just mere days after California communist rioters shut down Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California, Berkeley. As reported by Tucker Carlson, people in black masks began hurling rocks at the building Yiannopoulos was scheduled to appear in. The social justice AntiFa intifada set the campus ablaze, forcing the Conservative commentator into immediate evacuation.

If you’re thinking Milo Yiannopoulos being an openly gay immigrant, who boasts about sleeping with black men would in any way preclude him from being a “xenophobic racist homophobe”… Don’t forget, he’s a right-wing Trump supporter.

And we’re not done yet! Just one week ago, Marquette University’s program assistant for the Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies was caught attempting to sabotage an upcoming lecture by Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro, rounding up reams of students to protest the event.

Over the past decade, political violence has been increasingly normalized on the far-left. We’ve come to a point where forcefully shutting down events is no longer some offshoot occurrence when a professional provocateur like Pam Geller is invited to speak and draw Mohamed cartoons with crayon.

Today, it’s practically leftist dogma. Try finding me one notable conservative speaker who’s successfully been able to deliver a speech on a college campus without security having to show up. Just one.

It’s about time we stop referring to these acts as protests. They’re not protests. You can read Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of what protests are here (before liberals have it banned).

Protesters didn’t pull the fire alarm on Ezra Levant, start a fire at Milo Yiannopoulos’s venue or pepper-spray Gavin McInnes (all in the last seven days!). Soviet-style fascists did.

Ironically, the social justice juggernaut flavor-of-the-month label is “AntiFa”, an abbreviation of “anti-fascism”.

When you’re dressed in black, with a mask covering your face and are violently seeking to shut down speech, you can scream “I’m anti-fascist!” as much as you want. Despite what your fervid imagination would have you believe, you’re still the fascist.

Whether it’s screaming “fascist KKK” like a petulant child, pulling fire alarms, starting actual fires or pepper-spraying people – which apparently is justified because they’re Nazis! – the far-left has somehow convinced itself they’re Seal Team 6 tasked with taking out Bin Laden anytime a conservative shows up to campus.

Imagine what’d happen if conservatives tried pulling the same shtick every time a liberal was invited to speak on campus. In fact, among the top American universities, left-leaning speakers outnumber conservatives 9-1.

New York’s Columbia University previously welcomed with open arms Iranian President Ahmadinejad – a Holocaust denier and 9/11 conspiracy theorist, who braggingly said in his speech, “In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals, like in your country.” So much for those progressive platitudes.

As I wrote last May, Ken O’Keefe, a Marxist Holocaust denier was invited to speak at the University of Toronto, where he delivered a harrowing paean to unbridled anti-Semitism, casually accusing the Jews of staging the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks.

Even the publicized “Women’s March” planned after Donald Trump’s inauguration – the whole raison d’être of which was resistance to divisiveness and non-inclusion – became a display of left wing intolerance as pro-life women were callously barred from marching. Left-wing organizers instead opened their platform to Linda Sarsour, a woman who openly advocates for Sharia Law in the United States and A LOT more, you can read here. At the same event, Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was physically assaulted by a “male feminist”.

When asked for comment on Saturday’s UofT shut down, Ezra Levant responded, “I understand there were more than 35 police there. I am quite certain that if they had not been there, there would have been a Berkeley-style riot.” He added, “There were only about 20 anarchists there; but they came ready for violence. Masks; I saw at least one big stick/pole. I was inside, but I understand one of them flipped over a table. They wanted violence.”

Whether in America or up north in Canada, the far-left continue to demonstrate their inability and unwillingness to debate issues, instead pulling the lever on Leninism every time. Leftist rioting and violence in the face of eclectic expression isn’t some fringe offshoot occurrence anymore. It’s the de facto result. But hey, if we can’t sway the behaviors of these radical “antiFa” liberals, maybe we can get through to their employers at Starbucks.