Breaking Down Trudeau’s Christmas Carol Of Lies

December 28, 2015

Worry not, mortals. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has bestowed upon us the Christmas gift we really needed, but didn’t ask for – his moral divinity, in an exclusive column for that oh-so-beloved, objective newspaper; the Toronto Star.

The column makes a few points that really shine light on the progressive, Left-wing mindset – and even parallel President Obama’s recent sentiments. Let’s dig through all the fluff and excess verbiage so we can get straight down to the lies.

Trudeau starts off with a nod to our brave men and women in uniform whose meritorious service to our country keeps evil at bay – keep in mind, this comes after Trudeau unilaterally halted Canada’s military engagement with ISIS, and vowed to “restore” our relations with the terrorist-sponsoring, Islamo-Nazi regime of Iran.

Moving on – if you thought you’d get through Trudeau’s article without hearing about the vaunted Muslim Syrian refugees, think again. Trudeau states: “I see it [compassion and generosity of spirit] in the thousands of Canadians who have offered to sponsor families fleeing war in Syria and in other parts of the world.”

Justin Trudeau and his neighbors will be sponsoring – how many refugees? This is a point that really highlights the left-wing Liberal ideology. To Trudeau and his cohort of Leftist elites, it doesn’t matter how Canadians will be affected as a result of his policies. What really matters to them is feeling good.

Moving on, Justin Trudeau makes a point that really echoes Barack Obama. Atop his moral high-horse he lectures us on our innate racism, stating: “I know that there have been times in the past year that have challenged our basic belief in ourselves as kind, compassionate, accepting people. We’ve seen mosques vandalized and individuals threatened because of their religious beliefs.”

Now, has a mosque been vandalized in Canada? Yes, and it has been collectively condemned by all decent individuals. Butthe question at hand is, why would Trudeau single out this one case for a specific mention in his piece? After all, police statistics show that anti-Muslim hate crimes aren’t on the rise at all. In fact, they’re on a low, and make up a tiny fraction of hate crimes in the country.

In fact, according to police statistics, there were almost three times as many hate crimes against Jews than Muslims, despite the fact that Canada has almost three times as many Muslims as Jews.

Out of a total Muslim population of 1,053,945 – there were 65 incidents. That’s 0.0062%.

Over in the Jewish community, there have been a total of 181 hate crimes out of a population of 385,300. That’s 0.047%

That’s a 658.06% increase from Muslim to Jewish hate crimes. Yet, Trudeau doesn’t even mention attacks on Jewish Canadians?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this shtick from the Left. Obama did the exact same thing in his address to the nation earlier this month.

What’s important to understand here is that facts don’t matter to folks on the Left. Reality doesn’t matter; narrative does.

Minorities are oppressed; the rest of us are racists. The only solution is bigger government to undo this great injustice through redistribution. This is the foundation on which Leftists like Obama and Trudeau construct their shrine to big government.

Trudeau concludes with an addendum to his “middle class economics,” another page from Obama’s book . For more on that, see here and here.  Trudeau writes, “For our government’s part, that means doing more to support the middle class and all those working hard to join it. It’s the right thing to do for Canadians, and for our economy.”

A more honest and earnest approach would have been for Trudeau to state what he’s actually doing to our economy. That is to say, his policies, not his intentions, as good as he may perceive them to be. Trudeau’s plan to purposely run 10-billion-dollar deficits (I guarantee you, it will exceed 10 billion) is the apex of amorality. It’s a plan that knowingly mortgages our future and our children’s future for the temporary convenience of the present.

Well, that’s a wrap. We got through Trudeau’s article. Enjoy the holidays, folks.