Canadian Province BANS Conservative Media Outlet From Press Events

February 17, 2016

The Rebel Media, a Canadian conservative news outlet, has been banned from government press events in the province of Alberta. The reason?  The sitting Premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley of the far-left, New Democratic Party, does not consider The Rebel a “journalistic source.”

This all began on January 29, when a Rebel Media journalist attended an Alberta Government briefing on the oil royalty review. Less than two hours into the event, the reporter was kicked out by Premier Notley’s staff. Moreover, Rebel Media’s Alberta bureau chief was also in attendance, though upon discovery, Notley’s cronies kicked her out as well.

There were reporters from a whole slew of news outlets present, and yet the only reporters kicked out were coincidentally from the only openly conservative network.

Fast forward to February 3. Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau held a press conference with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. When Rebel Media’s Alberta reporter showed up to the event, she was immediately ejected by security on the grounds that she was on a “no go” list. This is a government press conference ejecting journalists – presumably the next step would’ve been a one-way ticket to the “gulag”.

Subsequently, on Friday, February 12, The Rebel Media received an email from a lawyer with the Department of Justice. The email read: “Our client’s position remains that your client and those who identify as being connected to your client are not journalists are not entitled to access media lock-ups or other such events.”

This is insane. The provincial government of Alberta has taken upon itself to deciding who is or isn’t a journalist, what new outlet is or isn’t legitimate.

And remember, this is the same radical left-wing provincial government that actually insisted boys be allowed to change in girl’s change rooms, stating “Self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

So a man gets to be a girl if he decides he’s a girl. But the government decides who is a “real journalist.”

This sets a dangerous precedent for free speech in Canada. If Alberta’s government is allowed to pick and choose their favorite news outlets as legitimate reporting entities, what stops this from extending to the federal government?

Who says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can’t just take it upon himself to ban conservative news outlets from national government events wholesale?

Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant is a proud and unwavering advocate of free speech, and the freedom of the press – the hallmarks of a free society. Thus, Ezra plans to take the fight to Rachel Notley and her left-wing establishment cronies.

Here’s a petition you can sign telling Alberta Premier Rachel Notley that the government is not a weapon she can yield against our God-given freedoms.

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Disclaimer: I’m a contributor to the Rebel Media