Justin Trudeau To Be First Canadian PM To March In Gay Pride Parade

February 25, 2016

Justin Trudeau was elected Canada’s Prime Minister to — with his cabinet — manage the nation’s finances, spark economic growth, and represent Canada’s interests on the world stage – oh, and to legalize weed.

He’s so far managed to take a surplus budget given to him by his conservative predecessor and, through the magic of liberal-policies, output a $30 billion deficit. Moreover, he’s allegedly managed to single-handedly have Canada un-invited to key meetings with world leaders. And, it’s still not legal to get so high that you’d think he was doing a good job.

Nonetheless, what really matters to Trudeau – the progressive agenda – marches on, as Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade organizers have just announced that Justin Trudeau will be the first prime minister to participate in the festivities and flamboyances of the parade.

Why? Because Canada institutionally discriminates against gays, and routinely executes them in public. Oh wait, no – that’s ISIS the terrorist organization that Trudeau unilaterally stopped Canada from bombing, and Iran, the nation Trudeau lifted economic sanctions on. We’re actually the country that’s had nation-wide marriage equality for more than a decade.

I, personally, have no qualms with the annual Pride Parade. I don’t attend the festivity myself, because its public display of gaudy sexuality isn’t to my taste. But given the choice, I would always prefer to live in a free country that allowed, and embraced a Pride Parade over one that didn’t.

However, today, the Pride Parade in Canada is not so much about advancing civil rights for gay Canadians. There is nowhere to advance, Canada has turned the page on its sordid history of marginalizing the gay community, and inshrined marriage equality into law.

As far as nationwide acceptance goes, it’s hard to find a more gay-friendly nation than the Great White North. In Canada, there are approximately 597,720 individuals who identify as homosexual ~ 1.7% of the population. In 2013, there were 186 hate crimes against homosexuals in Canada. That means, as a Canadian homosexual, you have a 0.03% chance of being a victim of a hate crime.

As a comparison, there are 309,650 Jews in Canada ~ 1.1% of the population. In 2013, there were 181 hate crimes against Jews, in Canada. As a Jew, you have a 0.0548% chance of being a victim of a hate crime in Canada.

Accordingly, as a Canadian Jew, you are 82.67% more likely to be targeted by hate crimes than as a Canadian homosexual. Does this mean we need a Jewish Pride Parade? No, it just underscores the fact that Canada is an open, tolerant and accepting society.

The Pride Parade is rather a reminder of the past, sordid treatment the gay community was subject to — a valid motif. However, this motif is largely hidden under a heavy layer of crass vulgarity, primarily visible at the parade. Everything from naked men flaunting their junk in the air, to more naked men performing mock sex-acts is on public display at this vaunted venue. It’s difficult to imagine the nation’s head of state participating and giddily endorsing the Parade’s raunchy vistas.