Arabic Newspaper In Canada Publishes Despicable Holocaust Piece

July 23, 2016

An Arabic-language newspaper in Canada recently published an article with the headline: “The Question Which Everyone Ignores: Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews?” Parading anti-Semitism straight onto the printing press, the Arabic paper, al-Saraha – which is recommended to new immigrants by a government-funded immigration organization – suggests the Jews and “Jewish propaganda” were in fact responsible for the Holocaust.

Delving into Holocaust-denial from the get-go, the article accuses the Jews of inflating the Holocaust’s death toll from between “100,000 and 600,000 to six million”. According to the article, the Nazi regime’s systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews was all propaganda, fabricated by the Jews to smear Adolf Hitler – Goebbels was clearly no match. “This Jewish propaganda succeeded, until it became prevalent throughout the media that six million Jews were victims of Hitler, even though the total number of Jews in Germany was less than a quarter of this figure that they say Hitler burned!”

Even more vitriolic, the author has the gall to then blame the Jews for the Second World War by holding them responsible for Germany’s economic collapse in the 1920’s. Writing, “The Jews caused most of the economic collapses that occurred in the banks in the period between 1870 and 1920.”

Still playing “let’s blame everything we don’t like on the Jews”, the article goes on to say: “The first theatres of homosexuality appeared in Berlin in the 1920’s, and the first presentations of pornography appeared in 1880 and 1890 by the hands of Jewish authors”. I assume the author isn’t the biggest fan of Mel Brooks’ Springtime for Hitler.

As reported by B’nai Brith Canada, al-Saraha is published by a Palestinian Arab from the Gaza Strip, currently living in Ontario, Canada. His paper, al-Sahara – which featured this anti-Semitic drivel – is actually recommended as a news outlet to new immigrants by the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership. It’s worth noting that this is an official agency funded by the Government of Ontario and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Al-Saraha is just one of several Arabic-language newspapers in Ontario that openly propagate anti-Semitism. As reported by Ilana Shneider at CIJ News, an Arabic paper based in the Greater Toronto Area, Meshwar, published a cartoon featuring Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu as a bloodthirsty vampire eating a Palestinian child.

Adding insult to injury, another Arabic publication in Ontario, Al-Forqan, published an entire article explaining that Palestinian knife attacks against Israeli Jews are a “sacred duty of jihad”.

The mainstream media, unfortunately, refuse to cover such cases, instead pushing false narratives of “Islamophobia”. The latest example being the Toronto Star, which ran an entire story on an autistic 11-year-old Muslim girl asked to leave a swimming pool for her own safety. Her mother couldn’t get in the pool with her because “there were men in the pool”. She had autism, no swimming skills and no immediate supervision. Nevertheless, the headline read, “Muslim mother cites racism after she and daughter forced to leave pool”.

H/T Aiden Fishman