Toronto Black Lives Matter Refuses T-Shirt Sale To White Guy

July 7, 2016

Toronto’s Black Lives Matter group has publicly refused to sell a t-shirt to a hopeful supporter because he is white. In the words of the leftist organization, he is not a member of “black-identified folks”.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. As staunch believers in something called freedom of association, conservatives would argue there’s nothing wrong here. After all, Black Lives Matter made the shirts themselves, they’re free to sell them to anyone they choose to.

Similarly, a Christian baker – who runs his or her own bakery – is free to provide his or her services to anyone he or she chooses too.

The political left opposes this notion. Whether it be the Christian baker, the florist or most recently the online dating site Christian Mingle, leftists support government restrictions on the discretion of businesses to deal with whom they wish.

With respect to black racial agitation groups denying commerce to a white person, however, the left is comfortable.

Despite its constant yearning for the next story of racial discrimination or hate crimes, the mainstream media hasn’t made a peep about this racially-driven obstruction of commerce.

Most of the media, like Black Lives Matter, has no interest in combating wholesale racism or in soothing racial tensions.

Bereft of facts to support its narrative, Black Lives Matter continues to undermine its own cause byhijacking Pride parades and ironically discriminating against its own supporters based on skin color.