Canada’s PM Joins Chorus, Ignores Islamic Element Of Orlando Attack

June 12, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement following Sunday’s atrocious terrorist attack in an Orlando nightclub which left 50 dead and 54 wounded.

I am deeply shocked and saddened to learn today so many people have been killed and injured following a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

While authorities are still investigating and details continue to be confirmed, it is appalling that as many as 50 lives may have been lost to this domestic terror attack targeting the LGBTQ2 community.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I offer our condolences and prayers to the families and friends of those lost today, and wish a full recovery to all those injured. We stand in solidarity with Orlando and the LGBTQ2 community.

We grieve with our friends in the United States and Florida, and offer any assistance we can provide.

By the time the statement was issued, the FBI had already confirmed that the mass murderer was a Muslim radical who’d sworn allegiance to the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS). Also known at the time was that the attacker had yelled “Allah Akbar” while gunning down innocent club-goers. Alas, Trudeau’s statement omits any mention of radicalization or Islamic terrorism.

As pointed out by CIJ News Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Halevi, since assuming power last year, every single one of Trudeau’s statements following an Islamic terrorist attack has omitted the word “Islamic”.

Despite claiming that he stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community, Trudeau’s Liberal government is currently spearheading an effort to strengthen ties with the Iranian Islamic regime that publicly executes homosexuals.

The Canadian Prime Minister concludes by extending his arm, offering “any assistance we can provide.” Given that it was Trudeau himself who unilaterally pulled the plug on Canada’s military mission against ISIS, it is glaringly obvious that today’s entire statement was made purely out of ceremonial necessity.