Neo-Nazi Ken O’Keefe Spreads Anti-Semitic Hatred at University of Toronto

May 16, 2016

April 29th, neo-Nazi Ken O’Keefe took to the JJR Macleod Auditorium at the University of Toronto to deliver a talk rife with anti-Semitic tropes.

O’Keefe spoke at the Canadian university for over an hour – tantamount to a tirade of quotes straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – reciting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. These included “Jews run the media,” “the Jews control everything,” and of course, “they run the courts and the banks.”

O’Keefe’s erroneous accusation that Jews collaborate with one another in pursuit of world domination not only echoes the exact narrative falsely projected onto Jews by Hitler’s regime, it also testifies to the rampant anti-Semitism brewing on several North American campuses. O’Keefe did not address an empty crowd, nor did he offer to pay the University of Toronto to let him come and speak – quite the contrary. There were multiple rounds of applause throughout his talk. This demonstrates that some North Americans are not only intrigued, but buying into narrative of malevolent Jewish machinations.

B’nai Brith Canada – the Canadian section of the oldest Jewish service organization in the world – lambasted the event for its blatant and open expression of anti-Semitic paroxysm. The organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Mostyn, stated, “O’Keefe represents a type of virulent and murderous anti-Semitism not usually heard in Canada’s public spaces.” Mostyn continued, “He propagates the malicious lie of Jewish control over the media, government, judicial system and financial sector, and even accuses Jews of assassinating former U.S. president John. F. Kennedy and staging the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Worst of all is his deplorable claim that Jews invented the Holocaust in order to ‘steal Palestine from the Palestinians.’”

O’Keefe’s lecture at the University of Toronto was just his latest stop on his “From The Heart” tour. Thankfully, he didn’t leave without providing a plethora of evidence showcasing his false, hate-filled, and lunatic anti-Semitic narrative.

One such instance is when O’Keefe informed the audience of his opinion concerning genereal view history and the Holocaust. “Why would we believe official histories of any subject?” rhetorically asked O’Keefe. “I defy anybody who takes a serious look at World War II to support what we’ve been told [about this war]” said O’Keefe. “Every fuckin’ historical event that we’ve been told about is bullshit. Come on, who writes that shit? ”

While sounding a tad sour about the Nazi defeat in World War II, O’Keefe continued, “The victors write history and their history is bullshit.”

Shortly after, O’Keefe claimed in reference to historical inaccuracies, “We can go on and on and on. World War II is no exception. It is the Holocaust myth, the myth of what happened in terms of the Jewish population and the concentration camps and what Hitler did.”

Prior to denying the events that took place during the Holocaust, he asserted that, “[Jews] consider not only the rest of the world ‘the goy’ as they refer to us – if they’re being honest – but also that the Palestinians are less than dogs.”

O’Keefe’s denial of the systematic execution of six million Jews comes at an ironic time. The day following his lecture at University of Toonto, thousands of individuals ranging from high school students to adults – accompanied by Holocaust survivors – departed for the annual March of the Living trip in pursuit of remembering the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime.

The March of the Living is an annual, two-week educational program in which thousands of individuals from all over the world spend one week in Poland and then one week in Israel. Participants not only learn the history of Israel and the Holocaust, they are also taken to see and walk on the grounds of concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek and Treblinka – to name a few.

Not only does the return of thousands of Jews to concentration camps every year exemplify the triumph of Jewish resilience to the evils of Hitler, it flat out disproves everything O’Keefe has said about the Holocaust.

Since its inception in 1998, the March of the Living has had 220,000 participants, all of whom are living refutations of O’Keefe’s outrageous assertions.

This incident at the University of Toronto glaringly highlights the fine line tip-toed by college campus anti-Israel leftists who suggest their agenda is in no way anti-Semitic, by attempting to bifurcate Zionism and Judaism. As I’ve detailed here, the University of Toronto student newspaper has long been a de facto propaganda outlet, fostering many of the same sentiments pushed by O’Keefe.


15:03 – Jews control the corporate world, the bank sector, Hollywood, the mass media, the Supreme Court, the courts system, the financial system and the political system

16:17 – Challenging the “Holocaust narrative” will “make you go to prison”

20:20 – Jews assassinated former U.S. President John F. Kennedy because he defied “the Jewish banking debt”, and Hitler was unfairly maligned for the same reason

21:05 – The “Holocaust myth” was invented by Jews in order to “steal Palestine from the Palestinians”

Co-written with Josh Eisen. Follow him on Twitter here.