Canadian PM Trudeau Abandoning Western Values

May 23, 2016

Since assuming power seven months ago, the Canadian Liberal Party – under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau –  has been on a callous crusade to fundamentally transform the Great White North. Diverting from former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s commitment to Western values, Trudeau has largely been following President Barack Obama’s blueprint on both foreign and domestic issues.

Unilaterally pulling Canada out of the US-led military coalition against the Islamic State days after becoming Canada’s head of state, Trudeau neglected his moral duties as a world leader by transforming Canada’s armed forces into what the Canadian left has long called “peacekeepers” – essentially a fancy term for Boy Scouts. The transition to “peacekeepers” was affirmed by his first federal budget, gutting the military by slashing its funding by $400 million – down to 0.9% of Canada’s GDP.

On relations with foreign despots, Trudeau trots down the same path. The self-avowed feminist Prime Minister unilaterally pushed to lift economic sanctions on the Iranian regime. The same regime that just recently arrested models for posting online photos of themselves without hijabs – as reported by The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo – “has been cracking down on social media accounts of young girls who post model-like images of themselves, salons and photography workshops.”

Continuing down the same path, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion – earlier this Spring – openly rejected the demonstrable fact that ISIS’ barbarous actions towards Christian minorities are categorically genocidal. Since assuming his parliamentary role as the country’s chief foreign representative, Dion shifted Canada’s disposition towards Israel. “Canada isn’t your special friend anymore,” said Dion to to Israel, bluntly at odds with Harper’s statement to the Jewish state: “Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you.”

Dion is currently spearheading the Liberal Party’s effort to reject legislation aimed at banning the visas – in addition to freezing the assets – of Russians guilty of human rights violations. Not only going against his own party’s election platform, Dion also tramples on Harper’s opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s quasi-democratic regime.

Domestically, the trend continues. Earlier this Spring, the Liberals officially pulled the plug on the National Memorial to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. Originally proposed by Harper’s Conservative Party, the memorial was meant to honor the men and women who’d lost their lives fighting in Afghanistan. The Canadian left however, suggested that Canada ought not glorify its military endeavors, but should instead retreat to what they call its rumbustious role of “peacekeeping”.  This move came months after the Trudeau government’s decision to shelve a second Conservative Party initiative – a memorial dedicated to the victims of communist regimes.

Last October, Canadians overwhelmingly voted for change. It’s now apparent the change they got is a government that revels in hedonism and places a higher precedence on virtue-signaling than governing the nation in the national interest.