Canadian Mainstream News Acts As Prime Minister Trudeau’s Personal PR Firm

May 5, 2016

Canadian mainstream media has developed an affable attachment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Covering for his every gaffe, while obsequiously portraying him as the personification of virtue and intellect, the Great White North’s media outlets have become a de facto PR firm for the “handsome Bernie Sanders.”

Just recently, Trudeau addressed the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, affirming his funding of $50 million to the organization. “When we get to the media questions later, I’m really hoping people ask me about how quantum computing works”, said Trudeau, prior to the Q&A session.

One reporter bravely went maverick, neglecting the Prime Minister’s plea to have his ego nourished. Pressing Trudeau on his foreign policy and military strategy in dealing with the Islamic State, the reporter asked, “When do you expect Canada’s ISIL mission to begin again? And are we not doing anything in the interim while we prepare?” asked the reporter.

The Prime Minister, unfazed by the reporter’s substantive inquiry, indulged the audience with a memorized Wikipedia entry on quantum computing. “Okay very simply, normal computer work by,” began Trudeau, interrupted by the audience’s awed applause. Smiling in response, Trudeau continues, “No, no, don’t interrupt me, when you walk out of here you will know more — well no, some of you will know far less — about quantum computing.”

The Toronto Star, appropriately fulfilling its role as the pretty boy Prime Minister’s public relations firm, wrote that the reporter “led with his chin” when asking Trudeau about his foreign policy. The Star pressed on, pushing sycophantic journalism to new heights, writing “The man who has been called Canada’s new heartthrob, yoga hotshot, feminist PM — apparently eager to show he’s more than a now globally recognized pretty face — promptly showed he has computer-geek talents previously little known.”

Preoccupied with incessant fanboying over the Prime Minister, the Toronto Star fails to mention that their computer-geek God, has never heard of the Baltic Nations, or that he doesn’t know thedifference between decibels and decimals. Most importantly, the left-wing newspaper conveniently omitted the fact that Trudeau had personally asked the media to question him on quantum computers during his address.

Last week provides another example, with a Canadian man beheaded in the Philippines by Islamic zealots who had held him hostage. Trudeau responded in a press conference, calling the incident “an act of cold blooded murder,” adding that he “condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostage-takers.”

Accordingly, The Toronto Star published a piece praising Trudeau for his condemnation of the savage killing, calling it an “evolution as a leader”.
Contrasting Trudeau’s response to the Philippines murder with what he said following the Boston Marathon bombings – in which Trudeau rationalized the Muslim terrorists’ actions as being a product of disenfranchisement – the Toronto Star attempted to frame the Liberal Prime Minister as an evolving and maturing world leader. Conveniently missing was any mention of Trudeau’s unilateral push to pull the plug on Canada’s military engagement with the Islamic State, or his cabinet’s open refusal to decry ISIS’s barbarous actions against Christian minorities in the Middle East as genocide. Also missing was Trudeau’s recent statement that Islamic terrorism should be overcome with “openness and respect”.