October 20, 2020

After a 15-year hiatus from making music — aside from a 2016 single featuring Ariana Grande, “Faith” — Stevie Wonder, the legendary Motown artist who helped define and direct American music for decades, has returned to recording with a pair of singles and a perspective album in the works — his first since 2005’s A Time to Love.

After taking a break from music due to health concerns, he reassured fans in a recent interview that his recovery was on track, saying, “Since I have been released from the hospital, the nurses have made sure I’ve taken my medicine on time and I’m going to do it for as long as I have to, even if it is the rest of my life. I feel great. My voice feels great.” And on his latest singles, it sounds great too. 

This is not the first time Stevie Wonder, one of the biggest names in the history of modern music, has overcome a medical hurdle. Wonder was born four weeks premature and needed to be kept in an incubator for a month. As a result of receiving too much oxygen in the incubator, Stevie developed retrolental fibroplasia and was rendered permanently blinded. Despite his immeasurable hardship, Wonder grew up optimistic and jovial, showing natural musical talent from a very young age. Not long after learning to speak, he was singing in church choir and playing the bongos and the harmonica. Stevie Wonder was only 11 years old when he was signed to Motown Records.

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