When Will Democrats Have to Disavow Their Radical Supporters?

August 5, 2016

What are the requirements for landing a job at CNN? Is some vague familiarity with 20th century history one of them?

When CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Donald Trump to disavow the support of David Duke – which he ‘d already done in the past – Trump idiotically stumbled, and the media went haywire.

More recently, Communist Party USA chairman John Bachtell said he would back Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Hello? Paging CNN: Is Jake Tapper, or anyone at that news organization interested in asking the Democratic presidential candidate what she thinks about having the Communist Party’s support?

It goes without saying that the Ku Klux Klan is a malicious, racist tribe whose very founding (by Democrats) is a stain on our history.

But what do Democrats think Communism is?

Forget history. Are CNN’s reporters unaware of current events? There are people suffering under the thumb of communist dictators today.

While David Duke spends his days contriving anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about how the Jews are hurting his beloved orange billionaire, communist tyrants are cracking down on dissidentsaround the globe.

Even as President Obama was historically landing his jet in Cuba earlier this Spring, left-wing New York Times reported that the communist Cuban government was rounding up dissenters and locking them up. Remember when leftists cheered in awe as their treasured Trotskian loonbag Bernie Sanders chided America for supposed “mass incarceration”?

Liberals will undoubtedly come to CNN’s defense here, crying: “Oh but the Communist Party isn’t a hate group like the KKK!”

This is technically true. But is that the standard to which we hold organizations now? If you hold racist beliefs, your endorsement must be disavowed. If you promulgate an ideology directly responsible for the death of over a hundred million people, carry on!

Democrats have long tried to gloss over the atrocities committed by communist regimes. Most recently, when President Obama traveled to Cuba, he inanely said, “I mean, those are interesting intellectual arguments [capitalism vs. communism], but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works”.

In pursuit of socialist paradises and pantheons of “equality,” the USSR’s Joseph Stalin is responsible for slaughtering more than 40 million people. China’s communist commander Mao murdered another 40 million over a span of just 4 years. Mao’s Great Leap Forward should’ve been called “whatever worked.”

Does the media think nothing of a political party founded upon the very same precepts as these tyrannical butchers supporting the Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton?

Maybe after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught off-guard (twice) in interviews unable to distinguish her very own Democrat Party from socialism, the media decided, “Screw it. Socialism can’t be all that bad anyway!”

Mainstream news outlets like CNN asking the Republican nominee for president to disavow the endorsement of a repugnant racist should be expected.

It should also be expected, however, that the same moral standard is applied to Democrats when it comes to disavowing endorsements from political radicals.