Black Lives Matter Continues to Parody Itself in Public

Less than a week after a racist, black supremacist murdered five police officers in the worst mass-shooting of law enforcement in American history, a co-founder of Toronto’s Black Lives Matter movement came out and blamed the horrific massacre on – I kid you not – white supremacy, colonialism and capitalism. She added that attacks on police officers are to be expected, given that “people are just tired of dying by their hands.”

The group co-founder, Janaya Khan, describes herself as a black, queer, gender-nonconforming activist, social-justice educator and “staunch Afrofuturist.” Professional-victim has a lot of fancy nomenclature. In a recent Facebook post, Khan wrote:

They will blame Black Lives Matter. They will blame Black people. Not matter the identity. They will blame us like they blame Muslims for Nice. Though the man had no connection to Islam. He was Brown. That was enough. We know the burden of one person representing us all and praying that they look like something other than us even though colonialism imperialism white supremacy capitalism is the killer. They will say there is a war against the police even though people are just tired of dying by their hands.

Khan sets up a straw man – or rather, straw person-of-nonconforming gender.